A New Study Reveals the Sexiest Part of a Woman’s Body, and It’s Bound to Be Controversial

Which lady part do you like best?

Sexy chest
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This will probably not be a big surprise to some, but generally speaking, guys like women with curves. 

Of a woman’s curviest parts, they also tend to focus on the chest—unless, that is, a guy likes his date on the slim side. Then he’s most likely to be drawn to a shapely butt. 

That’s at least one takeaway from fairly detailed survey on body part attractiveness conducted by fitness equipment review site FitRated.com.

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FitRated surveyed over 2,000 men and women—both gay and straight—and asked them about the body shapes and particular body parts that most sparked their interest. 

Over 40 percent of straight guys (and gay women) who like an hourglass figure absolutely love a woman’s breasts, then her butt. The lesser number of men who like the willowy runway model look focused more on the rear view. 

As for women checking out a guy? Well, get out the dumbbells and start doing curls: women almost universally love big arms. If the trade-off for massive guns is a gut, though, start dieting. Many who responded to the survey would take tight, toned abs over Popeye arms. 

There’s a lot to pick through on FitRated’s survey, and it could spark some arguments and a little bit of self-consciousness. In the end, it all comes down to what gets your motor running, be that butt or boobs. 

Great personalities help too, but you can’t necessarily check those out in yoga pants on the treadmill at the gym.