WATCH: The Terrifying Moment a Shark Charges a Spearfisher

Tense video gives good reasons for never going in the water again without a speargun.

It was a scene out of a found-footage suspense thriller, only real—two spearfishers were afloat in the blue waters off the coast of Queensland, Australia when they realized a large, aggressive shark had taken an interest in them. The Daily Mail reported the men had caught the attention of a bronze whaler shark, a species that can reach 11 feet in length and has “hook shaped and narrow” teeth. states that bronze whalers “get quite aggressive and agitated in presence of a food source,” though they “usually don’t harm anyone.”

In the video there appeared to be more than one shark and from the outset it was clear the unnamed spearfishers were a little nervous. One said, “They’re getting close aren’t they?”

His companion replied that they wouldn’t snag any fish with sharks in the area. “I’m going to get back on the boat mate,” he said. 

He didn’t get back on the boat. After tense moments that even on video seemed to stretch, the spearfisher wearing the camera grew more and more wary, dipping beneath the surface to track the shark until it was suddenly on the pair, mere feet away. As if it was an automatic reflex, the spearfisher fired his speargun and the shark was hit, flipping and floating almost sadly into the depths below.

It’s hard to add much beyond what one of the spearfishers said as the dead shark vanished into the deep: “Fucking hell!”

That summed it up pretty well.