Hordes of Sharks Invade This Popular Spring Break Spot

Jell-O shots and ticket prices aren’t the only things to be scared of this year.

Unless you love sharks and don’t mind them gnawing your limbs off, you should probably avoid Panama Beach this spring break. Last week, hundreds of sharks had a dinner party literally a few feet out in shallow water in Panama Beach, Florida.

The sharks kindly invited the Whitlow family to the all-you-can-eat fish buffet, and they caught the entire feeding frenzy on video. “It looked like the water was boiling,” said Tyra Whitlow to the News Herald.“You think when you come to the beach, you wonder if you’re going to see a shark. This was like hundreds. It was kind of crazy.”

But we’ve heard over and over that sharks don’t give two shits about snacking on humans, right? WRONG. When food is involved, you better swim your ass right out of the water, because if you come between a hungry shark and his fishy main course, you will be the appetizer.

“Sharks are not going to say ‘oh look, it’s a man, I better get out of the way,’” shark biologist Frank J. Schwartz told National Geographic. “They’re going to keep after the fish.”

If you need us, we’ll be canceling our plane tickets.

Photos by Getty Images