Show Her You Love Her With A Labia-Engraved Tombstone

Because nothing screams “respectful burial” like female genitalia carved into stone.

Because nothing screams “respectful burial” like female gentialia carved into stone.

Decorating your tombstone seems like a good idea when you’re 17 – just like that dancing snake tattoo you got the same year – but when you’re going six feet under, there’s a reason some traditions have lasted and some haven’t. That’s why a simple headstone with a date is normally the preferred option – unless, that is, you’re a dying wife who is desperate for your husband not to sleep around with every still-living lady that walks by.

Milena Marinkovic sadly died three years ago, with only one brilliantly absurd wish: to have her vagina engraved on her tombstone. Her reasoning? She didn’t want her husband Milan to be looking at anyone else (so why not look at a replica of her vagina instead, right?). Carrying photos of his wife’s sexual organ to ensure complete accuracy, Milan had a rough time finding an eager participant to do the carving, often being told the idea was blasphemous. However, after three years of trying to find an engraver that would fulfill this wish, he finally found someone to do the deed. Finished and ready to go, Milan expresses his love for the artistry and similarity to the only female genitalia (we assume) he has ever loved.

Apparently many passers-by can’t tell exactly what it is they’re looking at – including Milan’s brother-in-law, who questioned why the inscribed bird had such a large beak – and we suspect, really, that this is for the greater good of mankind. Anyway, here’s to Milena: May she (and her now-immortal vagina) rest in peace.

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