WATCH: Goat Meant For Tiger Food Turns the Tables

This goat is kind of a badass. 

Two times a week, the tigers in Primorsky Safari Park in southeastern Russia are fed live animals, typically goats and rabbits. They usually do what tigers do then and happily gobble up their prey. Until Timur the goat came along, and decided he was done with that shit.

Apparently Timur had never learned to be afraid of tigers, so when he was introduced into Amur, the Siberian tiger’s enclosure, Timur set about letting the 700-lb or so predator know who was in charge. NBC News reported the relationship completely flipped from what we’d expect:

The tiger, by this point seemingly puzzled at the role-reversal, opted against confrontation. Timur has been bedding down in his spot for four nights now; Amur has been banished to sleeping on the shelter’s roof.

As video seems to show, the unlikely friends seem to get along fine, with Timur ambling along behind Amur as he paces. 

Amur has continued his regular diet of beef, salmon and rabbits. We presume should any other goats be less fortunate—or less ballsy—than Timur, the goat is the sort who will just walk away from the scene as if to say, “sorry for your luck.” 

No, but this is pretty heartwarming, though.

Photos by Janette Hil / RobertHarding / Getty