This Singer Performed a Concert Inside a Vagina

The most exclusive venue in town.


Fresh off the introduction of intra-vaginal unborn child speaker, BabyPod, entrepreneurial performers are already putting it to the test, taking their music to new…depths. A little backstory: for about $133, you can buy this tampon-like audio device that pairs with your phone and broadcasts music set to a quiet, soothing 54 decibels. To a fetus.

But we’re here to discuss Soraya, the Spanish singer who hosted a pre-Christmas concert to a group of 10 expectant mothers. All 10 ladies stuck a speaker up into their bits and enjoyed some rousing tunes, likely praying for higher IQs for the flesh balls growing inside them.

According to the Daily Mail, Soraya said, “I’ve never performed for such a young audience.” Well, yeah.

Take a look at the somewhat unsettling scene here.

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