Six Car-and-Camper Combos to Get You to Coachella and Make You Actually Want to Stay

Planes fall, tents collapse, and road trips are awesome.

Gas is cheap and Coachella begins this Friday: Music lovers, you have two days to get ready. Because, while it might not be the latest technology, there is no better way to get to a music festival than a grand, cross-country road trip. Instead of a cramped, expensive mad-dash in an airplane with a hundred strangers, why not take a cruise with friends, and make the journey as important as the destination? Pack a sunhat, some Marlboro Reds, a pair of quick-dry shorts, and call up whatever friend has the most reliable car (probably a Civic).

That’s one version, at least. But what if you’re a little older, a little richer, and want to have a little more luxury in your life? You need a prime vehicle and a comfortable camper. With those needs in mind, we’ve picked six cars, from the lordly Cadillac Escalade to the miserly Volkswagen Golf TDI, and paired each with its own compact camper-trailer to make the perfect, festival-ruling combo. Drive in style, and sleep (or at least get horizontal) in peace. 

Photos by Hutte Hut