6 Ways To Have More Sex, According To Science

Who’s going to argue with science?


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Who doesn’t want to have more sex, more often? Sex is great, it’s good for you (seriously), and we all should have more of it. 

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The wonderful folks over at Huffington Post did some research and found six scientifically-backed ways we can have more sex, so we can definitely get on with living our best lives. 


1. Be more easygoing.
A recent study published in the Journal of Research in Personality revealed that people who ranked high in the personality trait ‘agreeableness’ had more sex than the rest of us. This makes sense, considering agreeableness is related to the desire to please others. And when you want to please others, you want to please others.

Wink wink, ya know?

People who score high in agreeableness are kind, sympathetic, cooperative, warm and considerate, which often translates to “damn good lover.” If you want to have more sex, try to incorporate more of these traits into your daily life. You’re welcome.

2. Take a nap.
According to recent study, a couple extra hours of sleep makes you hornier, plus, another study also revealed that getting more sleep makes you happier in your relationship. Really though, because nobody is horny when they’re tired, nor are they too nice.

So, bed yourself before bedding her and catch some Z’s. Sleep well, my dude.

3. Say “I love you.”
Women love mushy emotions. We know that. In fact, ladies love to be loved so much that a recent study found that 75 percent of sexually satisfied women said their partner said “I love you” during their latest romp in the sheets.

Now, if you’ve only been on three dates and it’s your first time, it’s usually not wise to tell her you love her. That’d create an opposite reaction and ensure that she may never have sex with you again.

On the other hand, if you actually love her, moan those three magic words when things have been hot and heavy for a while. She might end up all about that D like never before.

4. Get kinky.
We don’t mean kinky as in breaking out the nipple clamps and ball gags (unless you’re both into that). We’re talking about light spanking, or a new, adventurous position. Maybe a vibrator. Or some tingly lube. Mild excitement.

Researchers have found that couples who try different things in bed are happier than those who just stick to vanilla, one-position, lights-off sex, so if you want to be happy, let your freak flag fly.

5. Exercise more.
Guess what? Exercising can make you better in bed. Seriously. Studies have shown that working out regularly enhances your sex drive, and keeps everything working efficiently down there. Besides, toned and muscular men are HOT. Who knew that treadmill would come in handy one day? Well, you knew it would, but for sex? Who woulda thunk it?

Guess what else—having more sex can make you a better athlete, too. One study proved that the more sex athletes had, the faster they ran, the higher they jumped, and the stronger they were overall. See, there’s a reason why Olympians are so sexually active.

6. Have sex because you want to, not because you feel like you need to.
Sex is supposed to be spontaneous and hot, and it isn’t too sexy when it feels like a chore, or something on your to-do list.

To validate this, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University conducted an ingenious study where they tasked couples to have more sex, and found that when couples felt they needed to have more sex, they viewed it as a chore, like washing the dishes or scrubbing the toilet, and subsequently didn’t like sex very much anymore.

That said, have sex with bae when the mood strikes, and not on set days like a business agreement. Feeling frisky during breakfast? Do it right there and then.

Happy boinking, folks.

H/T: Huffington Post