WATCH: Skydiver Sets Her Parachute on Fire, Because Why Not?

Don’t try this anywhere, for any reason.

Brianne Thompson is an Arizona-based skydiver and skydiving instructor and apparently completely unafraid of anything—like setting her own damned parachute on fire in the middle of a dive.

In a profile at Parachutist, Thompson says her life philosophy is to “Be happy,” and “Do things that make you laugh and smile.” If you look closely, it appears as though her flaming canopy is one of those things, because she seems to be smiling as she detaches from the fiery rig and pulls her back-up chute. 

Thompson is obviously no beginner: she’s a total pro with “Around 4,000” jumps under her belt, though in her Parachutist profile she said she doesn’t bother to log each one. She also created and runs AXIS Flight School. The amazing clip above is from a longer promotional video for the school which was posted online in May, 2015.

AXIS A Case of the Mondays from AXIS Flight School on Vimeo.

Thompson’s Parachutist profile asked her advice for anyone who wants to get serious about skydiving. She answered that they need to “Get coaching. Seriously. Get coaching. In every discipline. Become an all-around good skydiver. It’s lame to be totally awesome in freefall and not so much under canopy and vice-versa.”

We’d like to see a follow-up at some point where Thompson addresses how one gets coached for setting your own chute on fire just so we can learn how to do something we’re actually just fine with leaving to badass professionals like her.