Skydivers Launch The World’s Longest Swing And It’s Amazing

This looks like fun if you don’t care about dying.

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Most people leave swinging behind on the elementary school playground, but skydivers  Marco Waltenspiel, Georg Lettner, Marco Fürst, and Dominic Roithmair apparently haven’t. That said, their twist on a light-hearted swing in the morning sun isn’t for kids—or for the faint of heart.

In a post on Waltenspiel said he and his pals “just wanted to go bigger.” That’s how they came up with the Mega Swing. The “mega” isn’t hype, either. The skydivers attached a seat to a 410-foot rope then took a pair of hot air balloons almost 6,000 feet in the air. 

With first-class balloon pilots they had to get the precise tension needed to support a guide between the balloons, then do a BASE jump-like dive hanging onto the seat until its support rope grew taught. Then they were swinging a few thousand dizzying feet in the air. 

The stunt went off without a hitch. 

It looks like every kid’s dream of just swinging off into the blue, but of course there was a danger factor, even with parachutes. For now we’ll stick with good memories of the playground and leave the mega-swinging to the pros.