This Smoking Hot Italian BJ Queen Wants to Use Her Skills On the Man With the Bionic Penis

"I have never seen a bionic penis before."
Paola Saulino Mohammed Abad

Paola Saulino and Mohammed Abad

As a boy Mohammed Abad had the kind of accident that gives most men nightmares and he lost his penis. Then, when he was 43, he learned it could be replaced by a bionic member and bravely came forward with his story. You can learn a little more about that below, from a TV interview he gave in the UK in 2015.

Upon having his manhood-restoring surgery, Abad was immediately bombarded with the kinds of offers guys only dream of. A lot of womenβ€”like one dominatrix in particularβ€” wanted to take his virginity. Abad finally got to do the dirty properly at 44, but apparently that hasn't dampened Paola Saulino's interest in giving the guy some oral service.

Saulino is an Italian hottie whom the Daily Star reports has been on a mission to blow everyone who voted "No" in an Italian referendum to make major changes to the nation's constitution. 

Apparently Saulino's "Pompa Tour" has extended to the United Kingdom (for some reason), and the Naples-born beautyβ€”who claims she's already serviced hundredsβ€”is ready to take on Abad, telling the Star she thinks "it would be great if I could put my skills to use on him."

"I have never seen a bionic penis before," she reportedly said, "Maybe it will be bigger and better than a normal penis."

She continued on to say she thinks β€œit could be a really fun experience."

"I don’t say no to anything," Abad told the Star in response, "If there comes a time I would not say no to it." 

As shots from Paola's Insta prove, Abad's willingness to make this happen is totally understandable.

h/t Daily Star

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