So You Wanna Be a Gigolo…

The star of Showtime’s Gigolos offers 6 keys to being an elite-level male escort.

Here’s how.

A star on the Showtime docudrama Gigolos, Brace (who asked to be identified by his first name only) makes his job as a male escort look easy. But in a conversation with Maxim, Brace explains that becoming one of the most-requested men in the Cowboys4Angels escort agency’s portfolio has tasked him with more than just showing women a great time. Drawing upon nearly a decade of experience in the business, the Las Vegas gigolo emeritus breaks down 6 keys to being an elite-level male escort.

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Real men have no insecurities when it comes to keeping themselves well-groomed.

Why is it so bad for a man that’s an entertainer, or just wants to look better, to have a facial? All you’re doing is taking care of your skin, and whether you want to get a pedicure or a manicure, you’re taking care of your nails so you don’t look like some fucking dirt ball. Have you ever seen a guy who walks around with a bunch of dirt under their fingernails? How attractive is that to a woman?”

Matrimony isn’t holy; it’s blasphemy. Same goes for monogamy.

“My version of love and marriage is that I don’t think the human nature is built to be monogamous, and I think people are living and they’re not very happy. They don’t have passion left in their marriages, and I don’t want to go down there. I’m not co-dependent. I’m independent and I like my freedom. I think marriage is an outdated tradition that works for a couple people, but statistics show that it doesn’t work for most people.”

More excuses for salacious behavior come out of Las Vegas than all the college dorms in America combined.

“All these women come into Vegas. They come here, they’ve got money, they want to party, and this is really the central location for doing this right now. A lot of married people come here and they want to get banged like men do…and [then they] go back to their mundane, missionary-style of getting laid by their husbands in Missouri or wherever they came from.”

Be able to hold a conversation about the stock market, real estate, or politics with wealthy, sophisticated women. [Brace even learned Russian for clients he sees in Moscow.]  

“If you’re dealing with these higher-end clients, if you have that kind of vocabulary and that kind of knowledge, that’s a huge plus as well. Because a high-end woman who’s very wealthy or whatever, she’s not going to pick some guy that’s just a little dumbass, and I think most guys are—especially the younger guys. They don’t know anything about investing for real, or politics or whatever, because they’re just run-of-the- mill guys that have the stripper mentality.”

Working hard is playing hard. Party like a rock star and take care of your body so you can do it again the following night.

“I can roll with the best of them and I can party my ass off if I want to. I was out until six in the morning last night, no problem.  [Younger guys] got nothing on me. I can ride as hard as I want to, and as long as I want to. It’s about being in shape and being rested and being prepared, and not just haphazardly going about it like you’re out of control. It’s really about how smart you are when you’re partying and drinking. I try to do everything smart. I’ll even bring some supplements out with me—some amino acids that I take when I’m out drinking. I plan my night accordingly.”

Be mature and sensitive to a woman’s feelings. If she gets too close, act like any single guy would and keep your distance…

“Most of the time people talk about communication and they don’t even really understand what the hell it meansWomen, they’re delicate. They’re emotionally a little bit soft, a lot softer than men and they have different needs. But don’t let them get too attached. These women, they don’t want you to go. They want to continue it or they want a relationship, and you have to know the methods that will sever that or keep it at a distance. You just have to know how to approach it. By doing that they’ll get the picture. I’ve had offers from women that are [worth] millions of dollars, and they propose this, that, and the other thing. I don’t care.”

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