Slip-N-Slide Women’s Soccer Is Real and It’s Glorious

All hail the genius who came up with this

This year-old video slipped under our radar, but Eureka for finally finding it. 

Evidently, Slip N’ Slide soccer has been going on for some time now in Brazil and France, and we want to be perfectly clear in explaining just how important this brilliant manifestation of the sport is. Yes, the players are bangin’ babes in bikinis who are covered from head to toe in soapy water, bouncing around an elastic field, and we realize that alone makes it amazing. 

What’s truly remarkable is that whoever invented this sport has made the impossible possible. That person, bless them, has made soccer — the torturously boring game originally invented by neanderthals who found great joy in kicking round objects in between trees — fun to watch.  What’s more, they give the Legends of Football lingerie league a run for its money. It’s the only time soccer and football will ever be close to equally watchable. 

It’s your move, LFL, but we’re asking you to consider breaking out the plastic covered field and soapy water. 

h/t Bro Bible