Spew-seums: 4 Museums That Will Make You Puke

Because culture can be disgusting too.

The Mütter Museum 

(Photo: Flickr.com/Mandy_moon)

In the world of disgusting museums, the Mütter is the undefeated champion (of making people spew). Sitting on the outskirts of Philadelphia (cheesesteak vomit is the best vomit), this medical museum sports such gems as a nine-foot-long colon that contained over 40 pounds of feces, brain tissue from John Wilkes Booth, and the tallest human skeleton on display (until that pesky Shawn Bradley kicks the bucket, of course). And if disturbing entrails and oddities from the infamous and deformed don’t do it for you, well, then you should probably wait outside because they have a lot of that.

Glore Museum

(Photo: Flickr.com/Missouri Division of Tourism)

The Glore Museum devotes itself into telling the story of our usually barbaric early attempts to treat psychological illness. Located in beautiful St. Joseph, Missouri (motto: “Come for the St. Joseph Farm Festival, stay for the horrifying museum illustrating humankind’s historically poor treatment of the mentally ill!”), the museum was established by George Glore, who enlisted the help of maybe the worst people you could ever ask to help establish a shining memorial to our misguided attempts to cure the mentally ill: the mentally ill. Yes, the museum that features a number of horrible psychiatric mistreatments was built on the backs of the ones who suffered the mistreatments. Wonder how that fit into their treatment plan.

Monaco National Museum: Automatons and Dolls of Yesteryear

(Photo: Flickr.com/keatl)

This museum will not make you vomit with disgust as much as it will make you vomit with terror. The latter part of the name, “Dolls of Yesteryear,” is frightening enough. Looking into the old-fashioned dead eyes of these little bundles of molded-plastic nightmares would give the boldest of us skidmarks, but throw in some automatons – devil dolls that actually move – and you’ve got a fear-vomit trail directly out the front door. Luckily, this museum is now closed, probably by a handsome young man and his equally attractive love interest who escaped from the killer dolls at the very last moment (until the sequel, of course).

Leila’s Hair Museum

(Photo: Flickr.com/Missouri Division of Tourism)

Oh my goodness, look at all these beautiful and delicate pieces! There is some gorgeous jewelry, some wreaths. Wait a minute, this one looks like it’s made of hair. This one too. OH DEAR GOD, they’re all made of human hair! Excuse us while we throw up forever.