Take a Stroll Through the Clouds on This Spiraling Walkway

Not quite Mile High Club, but close.

Sky Walk at Dolní Morava

Even though we—perhaps to a fault—constantly have a world of media and information at our eager fingertips, to really experience the world requires being there in person. In other words, if you want to get to know the ocean, stay in a hotel under the ocean. Likewise, if you want to see the earth from a new perspective, why not climb up to the clouds and have a look?

That’s part of the premise of the Czech Republic’s Sky Walk, a winding, roller coaster-esque structure topping off over 3,600 feet above sea level at Dolní Morava resort.

Check out this 4-minute time lapse video to get a feel for the climactic challenges faced in constructing the 2,300-foot spiraling walkway:

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The structure itself, designed by Zdeněk Fránek, towers at 180 feet. It’s supposedly a fairly easy climb, even suitable for strollers and wheelchairs. Along the way are informational plaques about the history and meteorology of the region.

Once you reach the top, it’s time to gaze out (below is an example of the kind of amazing, sky-laden vista you might catch on a fairly clear day). And when you’ve had enough, “more adventurous visitors” (of which you are surely one) will want to take the long slide down. 

Here’s hoping you’re not afraid of heights.

The view from atop Sky Walk, Dolni Morava
The view from atop the 180-foot high Sky Walk at Dolní Morava (Courtesy of Dolní Morava Relax and Sport Resort)