The Inventor Of Viagra Just Came Out With A Spray That Can Help You Last Ten Times Longer In Bed

Don’t be two-pump chump.

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Attention all dudes who wish they could last longer in bed! I have life-changing news for you. The same man who invented Viagra, Professor Mike Wyllie, just came out with yet another relationship-saving drug called Fortacin that basically cures premature ejaculation. I hope you’ll all agree with me when I say, this dude is the real MVP.

Premature ejaculation affects around 40 percent of males aged 18 to 60, which makes it even more common than erectile dysfunction. So yeah, it’s about time someone came up with a cure for it.

Don’t want this happening too soon.

Apparently, Fortacin is a very effective spray-on medication that has low doses of two anesthetics that reduce sensitivity (by literally numbing your penis a little bit). Considering the most prevalent cause of premature ejaculation is hypersensitivity, this medicine seems like it’d work like a charm. And guess what? It does!

In trials that lasted three months each, men who used the spray before sex lasted an average of five times longer than they normally would without the spray. Five times longer! That’s a seriously significant increase, so obviously, this medicine works.

According to Wyllie, after nine months of use, men were able to last 10 times longer than they used to at baseline, and, for most men in the trials, the average duration of sex went from less than one minute, all the way up to 8 to 10 minutes. That, my friends, is exponential. Well done, Dr. Wyllie.

“Most said it had gone from of a rating of two to three out of 10 to eight or nine out of ten,” says Wyllie, suggesting a couple sprays of the stuff is enough to completely transform your sex life into something absolutely wonderful.

This miracle spray will soon be available online, and a 20-dose bottle will cost a hefty $125. But don’t worry, this product just came out, so obviously it’s going to be hella expensive, but the price will likely go down as it gains popularity. But then again, many men who suffer from premature ejaculation would gladly cough up the money to be able to last a little longer.

H/T: Playboy