Which State Has the Biggest Penises in America?

Yours is perfect just the way it is, though.


Before we jump right in to above-average size penises, let me first start this with a quick nod to the average vagina. Your dick, in whatever size or shape it comes in is lovely I’m sure, but keep in mind the vast majority of women have a vagina that ranges from only 2.8-4.1 inches deep. So, while we delve into where the men in our fair country with unusually large members call home, please rest assured that all that extra manhood is nice, sure, but largely unnecessary.

That said, it’s important to note the data of the SKYN Condom Millennial Sex Survey, from where we glean our findings, is all self-reported. There’s not some census taker walking around with a measuring tape demanding men drop trou all around the country. So, we should take this data with a grain of salt, because, well, men often lie when it comes to their junk.

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To perhaps self-correct this potential imbalance, SKYN asked men to report their measurements, but also asked their partners to report their guy’s size as well. This comes with another plausible drawback: how accurate can you be when estimating the length of a body part that’s not your own? You’d think a partner would be more honest when reporting about someone else (rather than themselves), but truthfully, if you asked me to estimate the size of the dick I get to see on the regular, I would sincerely have no idea. Perhaps we need that guy with the ruler after all.

Okay, moment of truth. According to the men surveyed, the highest concentration of dudes who have a penis of 9 inches or more — 11.29%—  live in Virginia. My first reaction was to immediately check out what their partners have to say, hoping desperately to find a wild discrepancy, just for fun. Alas, Virginia seems to be the land of our ancestors, and also the land of abnormally large schlongs. Almost 12% of partners in VA agree, reporting their significant other had a penis 9 or more inches long. Good for you, Virginia.

But hey, George Washington’s home state isn’t the only gifted part of America. If you combine the next tier of dick size and look at the respondents who report their junk is 8.1 inches or more, Illinois quickly takes the lead. Yes, 30.91% of Illinois residents have a penis that is at least 8.1 inches long. Their partners largely concur — 20.83% of them said they were dating someone with a penis 8.1 inches or more.

We won’t get into the states with the smallest packages, but let’s just say you may want to call your friends in New Hampshire and offer your condolences.

Be sure to check out SKYN’s Heat Map to read real time social chatter about sex around the US, and check back for more scintillating data in the days to come.