Want to Have More Sex Dreams? Here’s How

Dreams do come true…


Sex dreams are the equivalent of watching porn in your sleep, so it’s safe to say they’re one of nature’s most beautiful gifts to the unconscious. They’re fun (if not a bit of a tease), and you wake up in a stellar mood. Now thanks to science, we know the exact thing that makes you more likely to have them.

According to a study published in the scientific journal Dreaming, people who sleep on their stomachs reportedly have more sex dreams than those who sleep on their backs or sides. You may have heard that sleeping on your stomach is really bad for your spine, but whatever. Sex dreams are more important.

In the study, 670 college students in Hong Kong were surveyed on how often they snooze in different positions, as well as how often and how intensely they have certain types of dreams, like erotic dreams.

Of the 71% of participants who reported having one dominant sleeping position, 72% said they were side sleepers, 23% were back sleepers, and 5% reported being stomach sleepers. And guess what – that tiny 5% of participants who said they like to sleep on their stomachs reported having the most sex dreams, and more specifically, the more often they slept face down, the naughtier their sex dreams got. Weirdly, they reported dreaming of UFOs, too. But not erotic UFO dreams. 

Scientists aren’t exactly sure why sleeping on your stomach causes you to dream dirty dreams, but there is a theory that says pressing your junk to the bed puts naughty thoughts in your head as you sleep thanks to the extra pressure and blood flow and whatnot, which definitely makes sense. However, the author of the study also has another theory that sleeping face down puts pressure on your chest, making you dream of suffocating or being confined, which also makes sense.

So there you have it, the simple key to dreaming about sex or suffocation — just flip over on your stomach and snooze away. 

Just remember to change the sheets.