Study Reveals Men With These Personality Traits Have More Sex

It’s not about looks at all.

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Some guys think getting more action more often in the bedroom is all about hours at the gym, hair gel, and tanning bed time. Grooming and taking care of yourself doesn’t hurt, but a study conducted by the Queensland (Australia) University of Technology found that other factors are more important than the ability to flex with the best.

Researchers culled responses from 3,000 men and 1,500 women and came up with these conclusions about men who get busy on the regular: They tend to be more outgoing, emotionally stable, and conscientious. 

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In other words, friendly dudes who give a damn and who won’t flip out are probably going to get lucky on a regular basis. Kind of blows away some ideas men are taught, even today, about how being aloof and unpredictable indicates sexual magnetism.  

The New York Post quoted therapist Bianca Rodriguez, who said women are drawn to these qualities because they “want to feel safe, they want their feelings to be cherished.” 

“Women are more discerning than men when it comes to sex,” Rodriguez told the Post, “and they’re looking for qualities in a man that would indicate stability, that they’ll stick around.”

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The same study indicated just one quality predicts a woman will have more fun more often: agreeableness—which doesn’t seem all that fair to women, but okay. 

In a press release about the study, researcher Dr. Stephen Whyte wrote that “findings suggest that the greater variance in male traits and their particular combinations may provide an advantage for them when it comes to sex and reproduction but that doesn’t appear to be the case for the women” included in the survey.

The good news is an extroverted, conscientious man will likely respect and be drawn to a partner who’s not merely just agreeable. Variety is the spice of life no matter what.

Anyway, what’s a man who worries about whether he fits this bill to do with these study results? 

It’s not the healthiest option, but “fake it till you make it” is worth a try.