Live On The Edge With This Stunning Cliffside Retreat In Iceland

Talk about a view to a thrill.


Architect Alex Hogrefe enjoys rendering his amazingly futuristic concept designs in perfect detail, as demonstrated by his latest project, a breathtaking cliffside retreat in Iceland. Just take a look at that incredible view.

Alex Hogrefe

For the intriguing design exercise, Hogrefe selected a particularly challenging site on the craggy west coast of Iceland where he could build something truly innovative.

Alex Hogrefe

Constructed of sharp-edged concrete with walls that emerge unevenly from the rock unevenly, as if embedded in the cliff after a fall from outer space, it spreads across multiple floors with massive panels of glass giving panoramic view of rock, sky and sea.

Alex Hogrefe

The interiors feature bare concrete walls accented by iconic pieces of modern furniture and (why not?) modern masterpieces by the likes of Rothko. 

If this thing ever gets built, we’re ready to move in ASAP.

H/T: Uncrate