Suite of the Week: The Royal Horizon Pool Villa at Naka Island

This infinity pool actually approaches infinity.

Where is it? On Naka Yai Island, right off of Thailand’s Phuket coast. Some might call this a logisitical nightmare, but we think the fact that the island is only accessible by speedboat is awesome.

The Hotel? With 67 villas dotting Thailand’s pristine Phang Nga Bay, the Naka Island Resort is a grand complex that incorporates naturalistic design elements to blend seamlessly into the tropical landscape. Carved into that landscape is a luxurious spa, two seaside restaurants and the poolside Z Bar. Something to help you unwind—booze, beach, or a mud bath—is never more than a few steps away.

The Suite? Naka Island’s premier suite is the Royal Horizon Pool Villa, stretched over three pavilions for a truly expansive experience. Two bedrooms, a living room, and twin indoor and poolside dining areas. The Villa’s crown jewel—and eponymous feature—is a stunning 5800 square foot infinity pool for utterly placid dips.

The Selling Point? The pool with more square footage that most people’s houses that bleeds into one of Thailand’s most tranquil bays.

By The Numbers? 27,000 square meter expanse, $2500, three pavilions, two dining rooms, a sunken personal bar, and the most beautiful pool you could ever hope to dunk your buns in.