Suite of the Week: Ty Warner Penthouse at the Four Seasons Hotel New York

The most luxurious place to sleep in the city that doesn’t.

Where is it? 800 feet above Midtown East, two blocks from Central Park and steps from Manhattan’s grandest street, the two-laned, luxury-lined Park Avenue. This neighborhood hasn’t been up-and-coming for about 200 years.  

The Hotel: The IM Pei-designed tower is the tallest hotel in New York City and about the sleekest. The building is known for its soaring lobby and other public spaces, as well as the sumptuous Garden restaurant with a world-renowned wine list with over 160 bottles. The Four Seasons employs larger staffs than any other luxury hotel, so you can rely on being doted on as a prince. (Scepter neither recommended nor discouraged.)  

The Suite: This is the most expensive suite in North America: a staggering $50,000 (plus tax) per night. More shocking? You’ll get your money’s worth. The suite comes with a round-the-clock butler as well as a chauffeured Rolls-Royce—should you want to view the seedy outer boroughs—and unlimited access to the Four Season’s food (and drink) selections. There’s a health room for exercise (okay, massages) with the on-call spa experts and trainer. Then, there’s the space, constructed for seven years at a cost of $50,000,000. Hand-laid wood paneling, gilded bronze and artist-commissioned chandeliers adorn each of the rooms. The master bath is entirely made of rare Chinese onyx. If taking all that in tires you, simply retire to the bed and rest atop a $65,000 mattress whose bedding is interwoven with 22-carat gold thread.

The Selling Point: Calling up for your gratis champagne and caviar, enjoying a taste, then tinkling the keys of the Bosendorfer grand piano as you gaze over Central Park. 

By the Numbers: 4,300 square feet, 360-degree views of Manhattan, 1 handmade Swedish bed and the assurance that no where in the world’s greatest city is any guest slumbering at greater elevation. 

Photos by Four Seasons