Suite of the Week: Villa Hibiscus at the BodyHoliday, St. Lucia

It might take a couple days of traversing, but you can definitely find peace and pleasure in 8,000 square feet of tropical villa. 
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Where is it? On the beautiful, tropical, craggy island of Saint Lucia, in the middle of the Caribbean between Barbados and Martinique.

The Hotel: The name is no misnomer: when you get to the BodyHoliday, you’ll be shuttled through a wellness center, tennis courts, SCUBA diving, archery courses and a plethora of yoga and Pilates classes. Everything is included. Or, you can opt for a nap on the beach or a string of meals at TAO, rated as one of the best restaurants in the Caribbean.

The Suite: The Villa Hibiscus is its very own experience: on the grounds of the resort, but totally self-contained. Private balconies, breezy white furnishings, crystal chandeliers and an extensive garden make leaving your private oasis difficult.

The Selling Point: The privacy of your own island home among the bustling opportunities of the all-inclusive resort in which the structure sits - retreat and emerge entirely on your schedule.

By the Numbers: 7,885 square feet, with five bedrooms, an outside shower, a private pool, and a massage room. $4000/night at

Photos by the BodyHoliday