A Drone Recorded Surfers On Tahiti’s Legendary Waves — And It’s Absolutely Gorgeous

This will make you want to quit your job.

Summer is over. Sure, we have three weeks until the autumnal equinox that signals the true beginning of fall, but we’re already seeing the signs. Students are back in classrooms, the days are slowly getting shorter, and your fellow desk-bound colleagues are bracing themselves for a slow descent into cold weather.

But thanks to this fantastic video of surfers in Tahiti shot by drone for Surfing magazine, your summer can live on just a little bit longer:


This video, shot amid the gorgeous waves of legendary surf town Teahupo’o, is one of the best surf porn videos we’ve seen in a long time. “Brent Bielmann and Eric Sterman spent a few weeks in Tahiti during the season’s best run of swell,” writesSurfing of the fantastic footage. “They flew a little white dove (sounds prettier than drone, right?) with a camera attached to it in order to get an angle that presents Teahupo’o in a way that we’ve never seen it before.”

If you’re like us and stuck to a desk all day, here’s a tip: keep this playing on repeat in the background. Hopefully it’ll last you until you can scrounge up some cash and escape to some beautiful waves (or maybe just a sandy beach) of your own.