The Surprising Thing Rich, 20-Something Women Want in Bed

This was unexpected.

More research has confirmed what we’ve had a sneaking suspicion about for ages: Women want butt stuff. But which women? Certainly not all.

A new study released in the Journal of Sexual Medicine may have identified the precise group of ladies that seems to be the most interested in experimenting with anal sex. According to the report, the women experimenting with butt play most frequently were those who were in their 20s, who weren’t particularly religious (go figure), who were more educated, and had higher incomes. So if you’re looking for some ass play, find those rich, hedonistic ladies with advanced degrees!

However, it’s worth noting that the data is a mixed bag for those out looking for that, um, special someone. Researchers polled 10,400 straight women and found that more than 36% of them reported trying anal sex in their lifetime. But there’s one hiccup: anal sex “was more common among those who were either married to or cohabiting with their partners than it was among single women,” according to Refinery29.

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So there you have it: rich, well-educated women are more willing to experiment with anal — the only problem is that you may need to marry her first. But hey, knowledge is power. Happy hunting, folks.

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