This Elementary School Teacher Was Fired For Winning a Twerking Contest

The video is incredible. The outcome is anything but.

A  24-year-old elementary school teacher took home the gold from a twerking contest while on vacation in Cabo San Lucas. Unfortunately, her victory came at a cost: her job.

The teacher, identified as “Carla” by English-language newspaper Mexico News Daily, entered a twerking contest at the Mango Deck Restaurant, Bar & Beach Club, a popular vacation spot situated at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula. With gyrating hips and a shaking booty, Carla out-twerked her competition, winning $260 an the adoration of the drunken crowd.

That’s when things got out of control. A video of Carla’s jaw-dropping performance was uploaded to Facebook, where it quickly went viral (for obvious reasons). When Carla returned to work at a private elementary school in the Mexican town of Ciudad Obregon after her vacation, the school’s principal and lawyers ambushed her with complaints regarding “immoral behavior” and forced her to resign.

“I was singled out as immoral, called immature and a whore,” Carla told Mexican newspaper Reforma. “I’m not doing anything wrong. It’s a dance competition, and participating in it does not define me as a person. I’m not naked or having sex, much less consuming drugs or disrespecting someone.”

According to Reforma, Carla’s friend and family aren’t going to take this lying down. Her supporters are currently collecting signatures calling for her reinstatement. As they should: even elementary school teachers are allowed to have fun in their private lives without facing the scrutiny of overzealous, puritanical parents. Especially when there’s twerking involved

h/t Daily Caller