Why Cancun’s Sexiest Adults-Only Resort Just Got a Whole Lot Wilder

You won’t believe what’s happening inside the hedonistic Temptation resort.


iStock / courtesy Temptation

The titillating Temptation Resort & Spa Cancun, the number one “topless optional” adult playground in the famed Mexican beach destination is in the midst of a multimillion-dollar makeover that will bring it in line with the area’s legendary luxury resorts – only with a lot more sex.

Original Resorts

World renowned designer Karim Rashid, the inventor of “sensual minimalism” is in charge of the redesign which begins this September. 

The property aims to satisfy hedonists’ “hidden desires” as well as”redefine Cancun’s skyline” with a colorful seven-story building which we imagine might resemble a giant sex toy from certain angles.

Original Resorts

There will also be a swimming pool with an enormous mural of a nude woman reclining in ecstasy on its bottom. 

A “sensual vibe” throughout the entire property will aim to stimulate guests whatever (or whoever) they happen to be doing for a “vibrant and passion-infused environment for the chic, the confident and the free-spirited.”

Since these are the same people who brought us the world’s hottest sex cruise, aka the 8-day orgy at sea, we’re pretty sure Cancun will never be the same….