Testosterone is Nature’s Truth Serum

And that’s according to science, people!

And that’s according to science, people!

Photo: Courtney Keating / iStockPhoto | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012

Guys have often been accused of being loose with the truth when it comes to the opposite sex: We’ve been labeled as dishonest and fraudulent with the facts while trying to talk to women, which is unfair, because we totally did save all those baby unicorns from that plane crash last week (twice). In short, mankind has been long been accused of letting their man parts become the public relations firm in their pants.

It’s true, some guys have been known to be somewhat less than honest when they get caught with their pants down (both literally and figuratively) by the fairer sex. It also doesn’t help that we’re so lousy at it – just look at anyone who’s ever served in public office. These people have years of college educated communications majors at their beck and call for whenever a hooker decides to go public, and their response to such obvious malfeasance is to concoct a story that couldn’t be less plausible if it involves a zombie Elvis.

Wait, did we have a point here? Oh, yeah. We were going to say, the true victim in all this is the male reproductive system. It’s been labeled as a breeding ground for male treachery and deceit, but according to a recent study, testosterone may actually increase a man’s ability to be more honest. The study gave half of a group of men a testosterone laden gel that they had to apply to their skin (we can bet where this skin was located). Then they had them roll a die several times and report their scores in order to determine how much they were paid – that means they could lie and get a higher score if they chose to do so. The study found that those who had taken the testosterone gel reported lower scores, meaning higher levels of honesty. In other words: testosterone can keep a guy honest.

So next time your girlfriend’s withholding sex and accusing you of lying about your whereabouts for the past couple hours (or weeks), simply explain that the contents of your balls are making it scientifically impossible for you to lie, and you can prove it to her if she’d only read Maxim.

On second thoughts, that may be the single worst relationship advice we’ve ever given.

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