The Amazing Floating Homes of Dubai Are Watery Wonders

You know you want one of these.

The Floating Seahorse Tzar Edition off Dubai's coast

Knowing the lengths that Kleindienst’s The Heart of Europe project is willing to go to control the outdoor climate, you have to imagine they’ll create some pretty amazing homes to dot their magnificent, manmade islands just off the coast of Dubai. And with The Floating Seahorse, they’ve done exactly that in grand style.

Having already sold through the first two phases—and with the first phase targeted for completion this October—40 Signature Edition seahorses (roughly $3 million each) are currently in production for the heart-shaped St. Petersburg island,
connected to Main Europe island by way of floating jetties.

Above deck, jetted tub and amazing views
Above deck, jetted tub and amazing views (Photo: The Heart of Europe)

Offering 4,000 square feet across three levels, these impressive oceanic oases can accommodate up to eight adults and (should the case arise) eight children. But don’t let their family-friendly nature fool you, these luxurious mini-mansions are not only safe but state-of-the-art.

The upper deck features a mini bar and a glass-bottomed hot tub in which to luxuriate and take in the stunning views in every direction.

Comfortable, luxurious main deck accommodations
Comfortable, luxurious main deck accommodations (Photo: The Heart of Europe)

At sealevel, the main deck features open living, dining and cooking areas. (Along with plenty of comfortable ways to catch rays outside.) Looks like the perfect place for a robotic fridge to bring its master a cool drink.

Below deck, your own private lagoon view
Below deck, your own private lagoon view (Photo: The Heart of Europe)

And what would a marina-based retreat be without an underwater master suite, complete with floor-to-ceiling windows? Sleeping surrounded by sea life seems like the ultimate in tranquility. To that end, outside each bedroom, an artificial reef provides digs for a variety of creatures, including the seahorses for which your new floating palace is named.