The Game Just Posted His Account Balance on Instagram and He Makes Bank

He's using his money to help those who need it most right now.
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Yes, The Game makes way, way more than you (Instagram)

Yes, The Game makes way, way more than you (Instagram)

Jayceon Taylor, the rapper also known as 'The Game,' is known as one of the key players in bringing the modern West Coast rap scene into mainstream hip-hop. He is also known for being a total baller. Now he'll be known as something of a philanthropist, too.

On Tuesday, The Game pledged to donate $500,000 to help the citizens of Flint, Michigan suffering through the horrific water crisis plaguing the city of 100,000. To prove that he's good to his word, the rapper shared screenshot of the wire transfer to Avita Water, a Michigan-based bottled water company which matched his donation, on Instagram:

Sweet mother of God, is that $13 million just sitting in his checking account? Obviously, this is what The Game wants us to see: In the caption of his photo, he poked fun at the likes of Madonna and Jimmy Fallon for their "cute" $10,000 donations to help the ongoing water crisis. Even when he's helping people, The Game wants you to know just how much of a baller he is.

We'll tell you what, Taylor: Donate another million, and we'll bow down to your baller status until the end of time.

h/t BroBible, UrbanDaily