The Rock’s Pancakes and Pie Cheat Day Meal Looks Disgustingly Delicious

Even Dwayne Johnson has to indulge every so often.

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On a normal day, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson eats a spectacularly dull diet, consisting largely of meat, potatoes or sweet potatoes, eggs, and brown rice. It’s the price he must pay to maintain the body of a god. 

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Every so often, he gets to cheat. And he loves showing off those meals. On Tuesday, another cheat day arrived and The Rock Instagrammed the above shot of his giant head and a even bigger stack of pancakes and apple pie. 

If a normal person ate this on a regular basis, they’d be on the phone with the producers of TLC’s 600 Pound Life within a month. But The Rock isn’t normal — and after all, when you’re accustomed to stuffing cod in your face like a hungry bear, it’s hard to blame a guy for a plate of carbs. 

Hell, this might be the first time he’s indulged himself since his last cheat meal four months ago. Then, he made a giant stack of chocolate chip pancakes and covered them with whipped cream and syrup. 

What's the word.. *snaps finger 2x's.. Destroy. #LateNight #MidWeekCarbUp #WorldFamous #KeepsItGhetto

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Though he clearly has a sweet tooth for breakfast foods, The Rock doesn’t always cheat with flap jacks. Sometimes he just goes straight for dessert, like this cheat meal from more than a year ago, which consisted of enough brownies and cinnamon buns to put a horse to sleep. 

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Dwayne Johnson is a pretty good role model for a lot of things, but unless you’ve maintained a jacked metabolism with constant workouts and careful dieting for decades like him, don’t try this at home. At least not every day.