Watch The Rock’s Hilarious Video Reacting to the Oscars Best Picture Screwup

He nailed it.

If you dig through enough videos online of meatheads who undoubtedly try to follow Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s kind of high-powered workout and diet regimen you quickly notice many of them have no sense of humor at all. It’s not clear why, but it’s fun to note that Johnson himself can be a very funny, even silly guy. The video above made by the action star and his Seven Bucks Digital Studios is an excellent example. 

Oscars reaction
Celebs freaking out

The morning after the biggest snafu in Oscars history occurred, the photo above—originally a wire service photo, though this zoomed-in image is from The Rock’s video—went viral. It’s the reaction shot of top-tier stars freaking out as everyone at the ceremony realized the Best Picture winner was not the first film announced, La La Land, but Moonlight

The Rock seemed to recognize that his shocked face was pretty comical, and this 4:30 video begins there, with him voicing his own thoughts. Then we range through all the other celebs and hear actors performing their inner monologues. 

Eventually Matt Damon and Ben Affleck get into an argument, Sting, blurry in the background, sings random excerpts from his hits, and Meryl Streep reveals that her internal voice is, well, kind of bonkers.

The Rock’s Seven Bucks Digital is turning out some good stuff and this is one of the most timely and entertaining videos yet.

Based on the big man’s narration at the end, we hope we one day get to see that Damon vs. Affleck knife fight.