These Treehouse Spheres Will Take Your Backyard to New Heights

Your camping accommodations just got an upgrade. Literally. 

Admittedly, they look a little like a set piece from Spaceballs, but the aptly-named Cocoon Tree is poised to give you views previously only enjoyed by birds and incredibly resourceful peeping Toms.

At just over 130 pounds, the tent-cabin hybrid is easily suspended between two supporting limbs, and features a weather-proof tarpaulin and aluminum casing. Inside, you can comfortably fit two people, which makes for perfect mid-air stargazing and…other things. (Protip: you can even install fans or an AC unit).

At around $8,000 per unit, this plush outdoor experience isn’t cheap, but for the chance to turn your backyard into a futuristic oasis, who can say no?

Photos by Cocoon Tree