5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying An Engagement Ring

Most importantly, just breathe.


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You’ve come a long way. From late nights at the bar mingling the group of girls next to you, to lazy Saturdays in bed relaxing and spooning with the woman you love. You’re ready for the next step – you’re ready to pop the question. 

But how the hell do you go about picking out that perfect engagement ring? This moment has always thrown men for a loop, so we’ve asked the experts at JamesAllen.com, one of the leading online bridal jewelry retailers, to give us some tips on what to look for. That way, when you get down on one knee, ring in hand, your girl doesn’t give you that fake “I love it!” look (you know what I’m talking about).

Tip 1: Know Her Sense of Style and Taste
You might not always notice when she gets her bangs trimmed, but paying attention to your girlfriend’s sense of style and taste will make picking out an engagement ring that much easier. Do a little reconnaissance and talk to her closest girlfriends, who can most definitely steer you in the right direction when you’re trying to narrow down the various styles and shapes.

Tip 2: Don’t Just Rely on a Certificate
There are lots of diamonds in the world, and to the unseen male gaze they may look very similar to one another – but don’t be fooled. With every two diamonds that have the same “4 C’s” specs, there is one that is nicer than the other. James Allen has this awesome Diamond Display Technology with a 360° HD magnified view, giving you an ultra-clear look at the diamonds you’re interested in complete transparency throughout the process.

Tip 3: Customize That Bad Boy
Part of the fun with engagement ring shopping is that you can design it to fit your bride-to-be’s taste, letting her know that this ring is hers and hers alone. James Allen has over 70,000 certified conflict-free diamonds and hundreds of settings in platinum, white gold, rose, gold, and more. So flex your creative muscles and go to town!

Tip 4: Buy Your Engagement Ring Online
Not only does shopping online for an engagement ring give you the convenience to browse whenever you want, but on average it is 30-50% cheaper than shopping at traditional jewelry stores. So instead of heading out into the world, relax and grab your computer.

Tip 5: Just Breathe
You’ve totally got this, so just chill! Use your new found expertise to pick out the perfect ring for her, and the rest will just fall into place. Good luck man, and god speed.

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