These Are The Most Unattractive Things You Can Do On A First Date

Just something to keep in mind.


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Let’s be real for a minute. First dates are difficult to navigate. There’s the awkward hello hug, the forced small talk, the I-don’t-know-how-to-act-around-you thing, etc.

But even after the first round of drinks loosens the nerves and gets the conversation flowing, there are certain things men do that immediately turn women off and annihilate any potential of a budding relationship, which is always a tragedy.

And just what are some of these first date no-no’s? Well, obviously talking about your balloon fetish or the weird rash on your foot are givens, but a new survey by iWhiteInstant asked 2,187 women what they’d be put off by on a first date, and the answers are things you definitely should have expected.

The number one worst thing you can do on a first date is to employ a stupid pickup line. Yeah…77 percent of the women surveyed said they’d be turned waaay off by cheesy pickup lines. You know, one of those “As long as I have a face, you’ll have a place to sit” pickup lines. Do you see how bad that is? It’s really, really bad, and will make your date clamp her legs shut. Don’t do it.

Next on the list is a valid, albeit narcissistic turn off: 65 percent said that a horrible set of chompers is a huge turn off. Bonus points if that wonky mouth is spewing a cringeworthy pickup line.  

“…I’d be a….fineapple?”

Now, the way to avoid turning off your date via gnarly teeth is to brush, floss, use mouthwash, and check for any lingering lumps of cheese or whatever before going on your date. Simple!

With 64 percent of women agreeing, the third most unattractive thing you can do on a first date is pay too much attention to your cell phone. Seriously though, it’s not hot when she’s trying to tell you about her alma mater when you’re scrolling through Reddit looking at memes. Please, do the right thing and put your phone down.

Most girls, when you won’t get off your phone during date night.,

In fourth place is arrogance, turning off 53 percent of women since the dawn of man. You can bench press a mountain yak? You almost went to Harvard? You drank kombucha before it was mainstream? Good for you, bro, but she really doesn’t need to know, nor does she care, so it’s best to keep that fascinating info to yourself.

Remember this face next time you feel the urge to boast about your salary.

And last but not least, with 52 percent of women saying it turns them the hell off, is a lack of hygiene. Women don’t want to be around a man who has greasy hair and smells like the bathroom at Chipotle. They want a man who has beautifully coiffed hair, and exudes a light aroma of sexy man-soap. So we suggest showering regularly and washing your clothes.

Other turn offs that may not have been on the list but are scientifically proven to be unattractive include anger problems, two-timing a.k.a. dating more than one person at the same time, and farting. You may want to avoid talking about politics right now, too.

There you have it, my dudes. Just stay away from these first date faux pas, and you’ll be fine.  

H/T: Esquire