WATCH: Chilling Time-Lapse of 15 Years of Terrorism

This truly is a global phenomenon.

With the recent attacks on San Bernardino, Paris, and Beirut, we are now more than ever aware that no corner of world has escaped the clutches of terrorism. Though much of what we view as terrorism is concentrated in the Middle East, it has proven a global phenomenon.

To illustrate the worldwide prevalence of terrorism, one YouTuber created a time-lapse map of recent major terrorist attacks—those with over 20 fatalities. The map shows attacks that transpired between December 2000 and November 2015, although some recent assaults, like those in Paris, are missing.

The result is a chilling illustration of 15 years of terror.

The map serves as a solid approximation, but it is not entirely accurate. Some incidents, like the 2003 Istanbul bombings or the 2003 Casablanca bombings, were not accounted for. And, of course, what is defined as terrorism remains controversial.