Will This Gross, Brilliant Tinder App Get You Laid?

Slimy, sure. Genius? Maybe.

Tinder, like love, is a battlefield. Fighting through the wave of trolls and people who look nothing like their profiles can prove an almost insurmountable task.

Here to make the hunt for true love, or maybe just a solid orgasm, a little easier is Turbo Talk, a new app for Tinder that wants to do the heavy lifting for you. While apps that auto-swipe for you are nothing new, Turbo Talk ups the ante with multi-swiping, which lets you view more than one profile at once while still picking and choosing your matches. You can also write an auto response for every match that Turbo Talk will blast out each time, saving you the trouble of all that copy and pasting you were probably doing.

Does this eliminate any personal connection from the experience whatsoever, highly diminishing the likelihood that you’ll meet anyone you’re compatible with? Yes. Will it perhaps marginally increase your likelihood of meeting a girl who doesn’t see through this incredibly obvious charade? Possibly. But who cares? It’s the weekend: let’s all get laid.