See Which Names Were Swiped Right Most Often This Year on Tinder

Your buddy Ryan is a lucky guy.

Guys named Lucas
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Since we already know that having a ripped body isn’t the most important thing to women, what is? Your eyes, your smile, the shoes you wear? Perhaps. But let’s be honest: Whatever the secret sauce is, science hasn’t completely figured it out.

Still, there are lots of folks getting lucky out there. But who? Tinder recently revealed lists of which guy and gal names are getting the most right swipes around the world. So with a grain of salt, peruse the lucky ones below…

Hannah, Emma and Lauren topped the ladies' list
Hannah, Emma and Lauren topped the ladies’ U.S. list

U.S. Men
1. Lucas
2. Ryan
3. Matthew
4. Nick
5. Josh
6. Brandon
7. Justin
8. Ben
9. Adam
10. Andrew

U.S. Women
1. Hannah
2. Emma
3. Lauren
4. Julia
5. Emily
6. Rachel
7. Samantha
8. Katie
9. Anna
10. Sara (no luck if you have the H?)

Of course, once you connect, the rest is up to you
Of course, once you connect, the rest is up to you

Male Names Outside the States That Do Well:
Bautista (Argentina)
Chris (Australia)
Felipe (Brazil)
Benjamin (Chile)
Patrick (Germany)
Alex (Spain)
Thomas (France)
Harry (Great Britain)
Lalit (India)
Herman (Sweden)

So there you go. If you’re on there, good news. And if you’re not, all the more incentive to do you and your kind a solid by being more successful. Go get ’em, tiger!

h/t: Men’s Health