Tinder’s New Updates Make It Look Even More Desperate

Are you ready for the Super Like?

For Tinder, 2015 hasn’t been the best year. GlobalWebIndex dropped a study in May showing that 42% of Tinder’s users were either married or in a relationship. Then Vanity Fair fairly-convincingly argued that apps like Tinder have ushered in a dating apocalypse, where neither men nor women are satisfied with the sex or companionship swiping begets. The company proceeded to devolve into a bitter ex-girlfriend on Twitter and had the 140-character media meltdown of the year.

But supposedly, there’s good news on the way. CEO Sean Rad announced at the Web Summit in Ireland that users will soon be able to “Super Like” each other, which sounds more like the diary of a lonely high schooler than a major interface overhaul. According to Rad, however, this signifies a “deeper level of intent.” At every turn, Tinder is constantly trying to remind us, “See??? Look!!! Not just for hook ups!!! No dating apocalypse here, bring on the deeper intent!!!”

Case in point: The company also announced that there will be a change to their algorithm that will increase connections by 30%, according to Mashable.  “Connections” as opposed to “matches”. That’s right, we’re looking for serious commitment here, people!

Also announced at the summit was the fact that 80% of users are seeking a long term relationship. Now, how many of those people are already in one, that’s harder to say.

What, exactly, that algorithm will entail, they didn’t say. But hey, if you’re a big fan of the ubiquitous red flame, better get your phone charger, we may be at this for awhile.

Photos by Getty Images