Tinder to Offer Tinder Plus, Undo Button

She was the one.

How many times have you sat with a well whiskey in one hand while using the other to swipe madly, searching Tinder for something love adjacent? And how often have your poor motor skills betrayed you, as an errant gesture sentenced a potential mate to the void – or OkCupid? We’d guess more than once and, yeah, she was everything you ever wanted.

Lucky for you, butterfingered Casanova, the app for people who like speed-dating while on the toilet is releasing a premium version, Tinder Plus, with a big, yellow “Undo” button. In an interview with Techcrunch, Tinder co-founder Sean Rad said that such a button was the feature users requested most often. Presumably there were plenty of people who wished for such a feature when the company’s CEO and CMO were being accused of sexual harassment.

Given that the Millenial tag line is “I don’t always Tinder, but when I do, I’m drunk,” this seems like a solid move.

For an as-yet-undecided monthly fee (between $.99 and $19.99), premium users will be able to recapture the momentary connection they had with Suzy, 27, who homebrews kombucha or Emily, 30, whose swanky apartment means she, or her dad, makes more money than you.  In addition, Tinder Plus will eliminate the app’s “locals-only” policy, giving subscribers access to a “passport” feature perfect for setting up a dirty weekend.

The thing is, while an undo button would be a boon to all of Tinder’s users, we’re not sure they’ll pay for it. Tinder’s appeal is that it’s free, fun and simple, allowing users to be as noncommittal to the app as they are to their roster of matches. A monthly fee has the feel of an old-style corporate service, be it Match.com or Time Warner cable, taking away form Tinder’s youthful-upstart vibe.

Then again, can you put a price on a means to lost love? For die-hard Tinder romantics, it’s probably less that $20 a month.

Photos by Apelöga /Maskot/Corbis