Watch this Guy Hilariously Prank Tinder Dates when His ‘Crazy Ex’ Shows Up

We almost feel bad for them.

With hordes of weirdos and pervs polluting the Tinder-sphere, actually attempting to meet up with a match in person is a gutsy move. It’s even more gutsy when you consider there are people like HammyTV out there. The YouTube star decided to have a little fun and set up a disaster situation in which his “crazy ex-girlfriend” makes an appearance on the first date. 

The formula is simple: He picks up the girls and they make casual small-talk as he drives them both to his house. Sometime during the drive, the “crazy ex” rings him up and demands to know his whereabouts. The call foreshadows the big prank of her showing up at the dude’s place, where all hell breaks loose. 

Check out all of the priceless reactions in the video above. 

h/t: FHM