Tinder Now Lets You Match With Presidential Candidates



If you’re one of the many people who just doesn’t know which presidential candidate to vote for this election, you might want to skip the next debate and download Tinder instead. Right now. Because Tinder is here to put an end to your debilitating confusion. 

Thanks to its new partnership with Rock The Vote, a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization dedicated to getting people to vote, you’ll not only be swiping left or right on potential sex partners, but also on presidential candidates, too. 

Now before you get too excited, this doesn’t mean you’re going to go on a Tinder date with Hillary Clinton—but you will get matched with your political soul mate. Because you shouldn’t be single and in a political limbo at the same time.

After swiping through some bathroom mirror selfies of average people, a handy little function called Swipe the Vote will pop up, allowing you to say yay or nay to ten of the most serious political issues of our time, like the legalization of marijuana, and same-sex marriage.

Once you answer the questions to your liking, you’ll get matched with the candidate whose values are most like yours, which hopefully won’t be Donald Trump. After you get matched, you can read more about the views and stances of the candidate you got matched with, and you can even register to vote, which is useful, because apparently now you’ll know exactly who to vote for.

Thanks Tinder, for saving the world one swipe at a time.