These Grandparents Using Tinder For the First Time Prove We’re all Pretty Thirsty

Thank you, old people, for introducing the phrase “horizontal mambo” into our vocabulary. 

Are senior citizens ready to join the swiping generation? Maybe. This video from the folks at Vanity Fair introduces Tinder to two men and two women, as explained by a millennial. And it doesn’t take long for them to figure out the end goal of quick sex. But instead of raised eyebrows and “back in my day…” lectures, the candid grandparents launch into a some pretty frank discussions about sex.

They support having sex on the first night if you want to, or waiting if you don’t, and even delve deeper into the double standards for men vs. women using the app. Plus, they introduce us to some pretty dope euphemisms for sex, including “horizontal mambo” and “hide the salami.” Hats off to you, forward-thinking oldsters.