Doze Off In a Coffin at This Tokyo Bookstore and Hostel

Even when it’s booked, this hostel is totally killer.

Slated to open this Thursday, Suppose Design Office‘s latest creation, the Book and Bed Tokyo hostel, will offer bookworms visiting from out-of-town and overseas a great place to sate their voracious reading appetites…and then fall asleep in a coffin-style bunk. These eerie lodgings appear right in the shelf, alongside the collection of (both Japanese and “foreign”) books and comics hand-curated by Shibuya Publishing & Booksellers. It fills an interesting niche: not just folks who like to read, but those who like to fall asleep reading…in public. And perhaps those who have a penchant for the macabre.

The nightly rates range from about $30 (during the week) to roughly $45 (weekends and holidays). They do offer daily rates of around $12 to sit, read and nod off. Just keep in mind that the showers are only for overnight guests. So keep it clean, folks.

The books aren’t for lending or sale. They just stay there for customers to enjoy. So please, if you’re going to doze off for the night after engrossing yourself in reading, try not to hog the most popular books or drool on the pages. After all, that would be (ahem) shelf-ish.

Photos by Kastuhiro AOKI ©R­STORE 2015