6 Great Dates That Could Definitely Lead To Sex, Ranked

Because a sexy evening means an even sexier night.


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If you’re wondering what to do for date night with a special someone, you’ve come to the right place. Odds are, you’re hoping for some action in the bedroom at the end of the night. Right? right. We know the feeling.

That’s why we put together a ranking of the 6 sexiest dates you should definitely take your lady out on, because they will get you laid. That’s a promise. 

1. Go on a staycation.
Ah, a staycation. A vacation without actually going anywhere. What could be better? You could have a sexy date in the comfort of your own home, or, better yet, you could get a hotel room five minutes away from your home. And you know what usually happens in hotel rooms? Sex. Lots of sex. One look at those white, crisp sheets, and your date will have sex on the mind.

And here’s the best part about a staycation – hotel sex is the best sex you’ll ever have. Why? Because of dopamine, that’s why! When you have sex in a novel place, your brain gets a big rush of dopamine, which controls the reward center of your brain, making things feel extra nice. Long story short, a staycation (or a legit vacation, if you can spring for it) is the best date ever.

2. See Cirque du Soleil.
Don’t laugh. For those who aren’t familiar with Cirque du Soleil, it’s a magnificent theatrical performance with live music, funky, colorful costumes, and lots of people flipping around in the air and doing incredible stunts a normal person would never be able to do. Good stuff.

(Photo: KURIOS by Cirque du Soleil)

Now, while seeing Cirque du Soleil is tons of fun, it’s also very arousing, because the suspense and excitement of seeing people flipping through the air floods your body with adrenaline, which is known to be sexually arousing. Yeaaah.

Adrenaline increases heart rate, thereby bringing increased blood flow to all the right places, wink wink. And because your body knows you’re not in any real danger, you get horny! Plus, with shows all over the country (and the world), it won’t be hard to find a show near you. That said, Cirque du Soleil deserves second place on our list of best dates. Not even joking.

3. Go to a wine bar.
A 2009 study found that women who drank red wine were way hornier than women who drank other booze, or didn’t drink at all. Plus, it was also revealed that women get turned on by cherry-like, musky, earthy, and woody aromas, which are all found in red wine.

Now that you know this valuable information, there should be no doubt in your mind that a red wine date is one that will end with sexytime.

4. Go bar hopping.
Yeah, wine is a sexy beverage, but guess what else is sexy? All kinds of booze. Assuming you’ve been tipsy before, it’s safe to say you know how horny people get after a few drinks. Am I right? Yes, I am.

Time for a quick science lesson. When you’re a couple drinks in and you really start to feel it, your cerebral cortex, which is command central for most types of cognition, becomes depressed, so you kinda sorta don’t have a care in the world.

Moreover, the part of your brain responsible for decision making, your orbitofrontal cortex, zonks out too, leaving you thinking about nothing but food and sex, basically. Some other stuff happens in your brain too that amplifies sexual impulses, and when you add everything up in a boozy equation, it just makes sense why you should take your lady out bar hopping on date night. Because booze = horny = sex.

Class dismissed.

5. Watch a scary movie together.
Again – adrenaline! She gets scared, heartrate increases, etc., you know the rest. 

6. Go out dancing.
Here’s a little secret: most women enjoy a night out dancing with friends, so if you suggest going out dancing for date night, you’ve already got her attention.

When done right, dancing can be very sensual since your bodies are touching, and lightly grinding against each other with slow, sexy movements creates erotic tension. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

However, when I say dancing, I don’t mean dry humping on the dance floor, because that’s not hot. Nobody wants to see that. Besides, if you keep it PG-13 and leave a little room for Jesus, the attraction between you and your date will be magnified, making the sex you’ll definitely be having later that much better. 

Now go out and get laid, my friends.

Be safe. Love you all.