Travel Advice for Americans: Stop Carving Your Name Into the Colosseum

Why settle for a tree when there’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site nearby?

In one of this young year’s poorest choices, two Californians, 21 and 25, were caught carving their initials in The Colosseum, Rome’s most magnificent gladiator arena and site of significant lion trauma.

With typically American bombast, the women carved their initials several inches high and with a typically American drive to self-promote, posted their vandalism on Instagram. (The cretins’ followers noted that the 1977 filter did wonders for the blemishes on the recently defaced, 2000 year-old ruin.) Shortly after, police caught the women, who will soon be brought before a judge.

Unfortunately, incidents like this are increasing in the face of staffing cuts at the site—the women were the 6th and 7th foreign imbeciles, respectively, to have been caught vandalizing The Colosseum this year. Revoke their passports.