Pornhub Has A New Snapchat-Like Sexting App That Lets You Censor Your Nudes

TrickPics is here to up your sexting game.

Pornhub Trickpic
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It’s pretty surprising that Pornhub came up with this, but hey, they’re nothing if not innovative. It’s a new app called TrickPics, and, via augmented reality Snapchat-like filters, it can let users send nudes that are actually safe for work. Technically speaking, at least. 

As the cheerfully-narrated video above illustrates, TrickPics has more than a dozen animations on board with tell-tale names like “knock knockers” and “trouser snake.” 

Pornhub Trickpic
Hey, boob shots!

Basically, TrickPics is meant to, in the words of Pornhub veep Corey Price, allow users to “share sexy pics with a twist, in a fun way that evokes their creativity.” 

TrickPics still
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And also side-step, perhaps, no-nipple/dick pic rules in place on social apps like Instagram and Facebook. 

If you grab the free app, use it then tag Pornhub, the skinflick mega-site will give you Pornhub Premium free for two weeks. Less stress about sending nudes and free primo porn? Sounds like the ingredients for some serious fun.