A Trip Around the World With #TheToplessTour

Instagram’s most beautiful women introduce desk-chair travelers to a world without limits, shirts.

In 2012, three female college students created #TheToplessTour, a social media campaign that encourages travelers to expose themselves to the world literally and figuratively. Participants pose topless (with their backs to the camera) at lookout points with breathtaking views. Though the photos are modest, the destinations on display are exotic, which is a major part of the reason that the movement’s founders’ account has 31,000 followers. If the campaign owed its initial momentum to the idea of toplessness, it owes its ongoing success to the appeal of seeing new places. It’s what you can see – not what you can’t – that has users coming back for more.

Starting in San Francisco, we invite you on a trip around the topless world. You won’t need to book ticket (or fully dress yourself). 

San Francisco, CA

Sedona, AZ

Austin, TX

New York, NY

Bahia, Brazil

Toledo, Spain

Pont du Gard, France

Høyanger, Norway


Hong Kong, China

Mũi Né, Vietnam

Ko Phi Phi Don Island, Thailand

Malibu, CA


Alexa Lyons