You Can Sleep With the Fish in this Underwater Hotel

But maybe pack some Dramamine. 

Always looking for the next great adventure? Want to take your vacation to new heights….or depths? Perhaps a visit to far-flung Zanzibar will satisfy your wanderlust. Off the coast of Pemba, a Zanzibari island, lies the Manta Resort, home of either your future travel destination or panic attack. 

The star attraction of the resort, unsurprisingly, is the completely transparent Underwater Room, which sits right below the ocean’s surface. If you’re worried about inclement weather sweeping your digs away, fret not: it’s anchored to the seabed below. Indulge in sunbathing on the deck, nearby (like, really nearby) diving and snorkeling, and aquarium-style views. 

If you’re not prone to sea-sickness, the room sleeps two and can be yours for just $1,500 a night. 

Photos by Manta Resort