Why One University Is Banning Students From Feeding Each Other

Yes, you read that correctly.

Some things are banned in public for good reason. Flashing people, for example, is universally frowned upon, because ain’t nobody wanna see that. Clipping your toe nails on a crowded train is similarly frowned upon. 

But occasionally, some law-making institutions can go a little overboard. Such is the case China’s Jilin University of Architecture. According to NBC News, the university sent out a missive to their student body explaining a new code of conduct cracking down on PDA. Sure, excessive kissing and touching in the dining hall is enough to make you lose your appetite, but confusingly, the note from the administration specifically banned feeding each other with chopsticks and other utensils as well. “Please be civilized at the dining table. Boyfriend and girlfriend are strictly prohibited from feeding each other,” the note continues. 

I, for one, am wholly on board with this new policy. Down with love! Down with chopsticks! How else will we as a species learn to rely on our own food consumption skills if we’re constantly outsourcing the job to our significant others? Good for you, China. 

Photos by Tom Merton / Getty Images